Fashion Display

When we heard there was an empty display case at the Clackamas County Development Building at the Red Soils Campus in Oregon City we jumped at the chance to exhibit a few of our examples of circa 1900 Fashion accessories used since 2008 in our Annual Willamette Living History Tour. We also added a few antidotes about the use of or how the accessories were made to provide further information about the accessories.

Edwardian Fashion Hats

How were these large Edwardian Era hats worn?

They were worn forward and just over the eyebrows

EVER HEARD THE PHASE……… Mad as a Hatter?

It was popularized in 1865 by Lewis Carrol’s Alice In Wonderland and refers to the occupational hazards and toxic chemicals Milliners (or Hatters) were exposed to during the hat making process. The most common toxin was Mercury, which caused Mercurial disease and brought on tremors, irritability, and mental illness.


Between 1880 & 1920 hatpins were a necessary accessory, required to hold the heavily ornate wide brim hats onto women’s heads. Hat pins got as long as 9” and were considered a deadly weapon