Digital Library Collection

Below are links to the digitally scanned files of these publications.

Digital Census Documents from Early West Linn Area

The following printed books are available for further research.

(These books are not published nor owned by the West Linn Historical Society and are listed as reference material only.)

Lost Oregon Streetcars

by Richard Thompson

Images of America

by Cornelia Becker Seigneur

The Papermakers: More than Run of the Mill

by Robert Bresky

My Music Man

by Dede Montgomery

$1.09 an Hour and Glad to Have It: Conversations with 17 Mid-20th Century Crown Zellerbach Millworkers

By Sandy Hickson Carter

The Troubled Life Of Peter Burnett

by R. Gregory Nokes

Breaking Chains

by R. Gregory Nokes

Bosky Dell

by Alison Miller Wallis