Old Fashion Photo Booth

A fun, free, old-fashioned photo for familiar friends and fellows from afar.

• Old fashion-styled camera box, designed by Gene Schwartz, uses a digital camera to capture guests in vintage inspired costumes.

• The photo booth has been used to promote the West Linn Historical Society and the Willamette Living History Tour at fairs, public events and private presentations.

• Costumes and props are provided for the guests from our collection.

• Donations are collected at the photo booth.

• This photo booth has been an invaluable way to increase volunteers and cast members for the Willamette Living History Tour .

• A large group of volunteers are needed to help dress, pose, and photograph the guests. Therefore, more volunteers are needed!

•We have designed a built a number of different sets and background to provide interesting photo opportunities.

Always looking for opportunities to use the photo booth for outreach and public awareness.