Bolton (West Oregon City)

Daniel Dean Tompkins built his family a home in 1850 on his donation land claim, just north of Hugh Burns’ claim. Settlers George, Pauline and M.J. Bolton acquired a part of the Tompkins claim sometime before 1887. The area became known as West Oregon City.

The Boltons began selling pieces of their property in 1887 and continued through 1900. Some of the purchasers of these properties include E.G. and Maria S. Caufield, Tom P. Randall and H.H. Johnson.

A town site named Bolton was platted in 1890. The site plan had 36 blocks, each with 8 lots. In 1896, a new plat was filed, changing the name of First Street to Hammerle Street.

The Boltons, Randall and Caufield established the Bolton Land Company. In 1900, a plat was deeded to School District No. 34.