West Linn Bridges

Oregon City/West Linn Bridge

Interim pedestrian bridge during construction of Oregon City/West Linn Bridge, 1921

The original suspension bridge at this site was built in 1888 and carried foot and vehicular traffic for almost 34 years. The suspension cables from this bridge were used to support the construction of the new bridge.

Construction of the present bridge began July 29, 1921 and was completed in December 1922 at a cost of $275,000. The bridge was designed by Conde B. McCullough, Oregon State Bridge Engineer and built by the A.B. Guthrie and Company, Inc. The grand opening and dedication was held on December 28, 1922 and included a parade, ceremony and wedding at the center of the span, with the bride from West Linn and the groom from Oregon City.

In the early part of the century, the bridge carried Pacific Highway #1, which was part of the larger Pacific Highway that ran from San Diego CA. to Blaine, Washington. Pacific Highway #1 became U.S. 99 when the U.S. Highway system was implemented in 1926. U.S. 99 was split to U.S. 99E and U.S. 99W in 1930, with the segment over the Oregon City / West Linn Bridge designated U.S. 99E. In 1937, the new “East Side Pacific Highway #1 was completed (McLoughlin Blvd. and Union Avenue to Vanport). In 1939, the East Side Pacific Highway #1 became part of U.S. 99E and the highway from Oregon City through West Linn and Oswego to the Ross Island Bridge became Oswego Highway #3 – State Highway 43 (Willamette Drive through West Linn).

Field's Bridge

The last of four covered Fields Bridges over the Tualatin River, west of the Town of Willamette. This version was built about 1923, and was replaced in the early 1950s by a concert bridge, that was replaced itself replaced in the 2010s. (Photo courtesy of Old Oregon)