Historic Properties

of West Linn

Local Historic Landmarks

The City is home to 25 individually designated local landmarks located throughout the City. The landmarks are predominantly residential and range from late 19th century Queen Anne homes to Craftsman bungalows and Period Revival style properties. The following properties are historic landmarks in the City:

4600 Alder Street (1900)

1448 Buck Street (1900)

1562 Buck Street (1900)

1646 Buck Street (1905)

1690 Buck Street (1895)

Rasmussen House

1715 Buck Street (1890)

Fosberg, F, House

5495 Grove Street (1924)

Jack,Glenn House

5575 River Street (1929)

Herman House

4708 Riverview Avenue (1881)

Deaver House

4742 Riverview Avenue (1895)

Elizabeth Humphrey House

5797 Robert Moore Street (1930)

Jack & Nettie Stum House

20375 Willamette Drive (1927)

Grimm, Heinz G., House

20685 Willamette Drive (1928) Bauersfeld House

20725 Willamette Drive

21420 Willamette Drive

22825 Willamette Drive

22830 Willamette Drive

22840 Willamette Drive

4835 Willamette Falls Drive

4845 Willamette Falls Drive

4865 Willamette Falls Drive

4891 Willamette Falls Drive

1742 Willamette Falls Drive

1832 Willamette Falls Drive

National Register of Historic Places Landmarks

The City of West Linn is home to 6 National Registry of Historic Places both properties and areas. For more information on these designation click HERE. The following properties are historic landmarks in the City:

Willamette Historic District