Lewis Fields Linn


Linn City, later to become West Linn, was named by Robert Moore in 1845 in honor of Senator Lewis F. Linn of Missouri, a free-state advocate and friend of Oregon.

Lewis Fields Linn was born near Louisville, Kentucky on November 5, 1796. He served in the War of 1812 as a surgeon. He also played a significant role in combating two cholera epidemics in Sainte Genevieve, in the Territory of Missouri.

Linn, a democrat, was a U.S. Senator from Missouri from 1833 to 1847. He was a strong advocate of the free acquisition and colonization of the Oregon Territory and was author of the Oregon Bill.

Linn died in office on October 3, 1843. Linn County Oregon, Linn County Iowa, Linn County Kansas and Linn County Missouri are also named for Lewis Fields Linn.