Robin's Nest

Robert Moore was born in Franklin County, PA on October 2, 1781. After serving in the war of 1812, Moore settled in Missouri where he became a member of the state legislature. Moore arrived in Oregon in 1840 at the age of 59, leaving behind his wife and 10 children who planned to come to Oregon after he was settled.

While Dr. McLoughlin was building Oregon City, Moore looked to the west side of the Willamette River. He purchased 1000 acres from Chief Wanaxha of the Wallamut Indian Tribe. Moore built a cabin on the hill overlooking the falls and called it Robin’s Nest.

In 1843, Moore created a town site occupying about 50 acres on the northeast corner of his property ¼ of a mile below the falls. He also named this new town Robin’s Nest.

Moore built a sawmill, gristmill and ran a ferry across the river to Oregon City. By early 1845, the town also had two spacious log homes and numerous tents of settlers that arrived late the previous autumn.